AccounTalks Ep. 5: Auditing

AccounTalks Ep. 5


  • December 09, 2021
  • 02:00 PM- 04:00 PM
  • Former Asst. Vice President for Internal Affairs of the JPIA  De La Salle Lipa Chapter
  • Graduated BS Accountancy at De La Salle Lipa
  • CPA Licensure Examination Passer, October 2015
  • Former Associate Auditor and Senior Audit Associates in one of the biggest auditing firms in the Philippines
About the Topic

Accounting students normally focus on the process and technicalities of auditing. At times, they become too focused on the terms associated with the process than actually discovering how one could normally make it easier. The topic will tackle practical ways on how audits are generally conducted which may be applicable to both the Academe and on practical grounds. It will also share some tips or hacks which an auditor or future junior auditors can use in order to help them efficiently meet their clients’ needs. The topic will also cover common challenges auditors encounter and the essential skills in auditing. This will help individuals who are aiming to take licensure exams and those who are planning to work in an auditing firm.


  • To introduce the concept application of Auditing
  • To present auditing as a profession vital for businesses rather than a difficult subject studied by accountants
  • To recognize the misconceptions regarding the profession and to provide factual information in order to address such misconceptions
  • To recognize challenges faced in the profession as positive experiences
  • To encourage students to recognize Auditing as a possible profession for them as accountants
  • To learn new skills that can additionally support the viewers on their career choice


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