AccounTalks Ep. 6: Business Ethics

AccounTalks Ep. 6

Business Ethics: The entity’s foundational needs

  • December 28, 2021
  • 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • 4th year college student taking AB Consular and Diplomatic Affairs at De La Salle  College of Saint Benilde
  • Former Deputy Officer and President of her school organization
  • Former Operation Department Head at Wedding Suppliers’ Association of the Philippines Inc.
About the Topic

Being consistently ethical is difficult because the majority of us had to make tough decisions. But how do we overcome these challenging ethical issues? Our renowned resource speaker, Ms. Maya Alexandra Isidro, will discuss real-world cases involving complex dilemmas and how to resolve them, the ways on how to improve ethical practices and the benefits of corporate ethics.


  • To provide them with a foundation of professional knowledge, skills, values, ethics, and attitudes that will allow them to learn and adapt to change as their careers progress
  • To give the students and aspiring management accountants an avenue to acquire knowledge and identify problems and apply it ethically to achieve appropriate solutions with these skills
  • To understand the real-world dilemma everyone may encounter and how to respond to it as this topic will review different professional, ethical standards
  • To give participants a thorough understanding of the topic and techniques for improving ethical practices and the benefits of corporate ethics


To learn more about Business Ethics, you may watch our previous episode of AccounTalks by visiting the Accounting Portal Philippines Youtube channel or you may click the details provided below. We assure that you can learn a lot about the topic and we hope that you can apply them in the corporate world.

Watch the replay here. For more AccounTalks video visit our YouTube channel.

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