AccounTalks Ep. 9: Banking

AccounTalks Ep. 9

Function Driven: An in Depth Understanding of the Banking Process

  • February 25, 2022
  • 02:00 PM - 04:00 PM

Banking Institutions have been one of the pillars that have supported economies for centuries and have evolved along with the transition of economies to each of its stages: from the age of Ancient Mesopotamia, the Industrial Age and up until our modern day economies.

Despite this progress, do we actually know the processes occurring within the realms of banking?


Accounting students rarely had exposure to the banking system and tend to become focused and aware only of theories and technicalities of the banking system. Tendencies are they are more likely to be alienated and culture shocked on the applications and real-life scenarios on different banking operations. The topic offers the chance to engage in discussion regarding pertinent topics of the banking process including how financial services are conducted in actual transactions. This will also focus on how to overcome challenges and provide solutions to current hurdles on banking operations in actual work and will help everyone’s financial life be ready for their future transactions.


  • To explain further the concept of banking.
  • To obtain knowledge about the actual bank process.
  • Application of accounting knowledge about banking functions and systems.
  • To provide additional knowledge and engagements about the advantage of saving on banks.
  • To know the importance of accounting knowledge in terms of obtaining different ATM cards.
  • To identify the processes in getting ATM cards.

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