Frequently Asked Questions

What products and services do you offer?

We offer E-modules (BSA, AIS, FM, MA), Payroll Templates and Accounting Templates as our PRODUCT and for the services we offer Webinars, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services and Tax Services.

How much is your membership card?

You can avail our membership card for as low as:

  • P199.00 Standard Membership
  • P499.00 Premium Membership

What benefits can I gain from obtaining a membership card?

  • P199.00 (E-Membership Card: Free 2 Modules)
  • P499.00 (Physical Membership Card; Free 4 Modules)
  • 10-30% discount on products and services

How much is your module?

Our module is P49.00 with 3 topics per 1 module.

Where can I send my CV for Internship?

Hi, thank you for showing interest in our internship program you can send your CV in [email protected]

What is the payment process for module?

For the payment process, you can message us directly on the official Facebook page of Accounting Portal PH.

How to avail the Membership Card?

To avail the Membership Card, kindly fill out the membership application form: https://forms.gle/i61JrYUB3zQAnKmq9 or message us directly.

Are your webinars free?

Our webinars are free only to all the members of APPH, you will also get an e-certificate.

What is APPH Membership Card?

APPH Membership Card is like a loyalty card that provides discounts on the products and services of Accounting Portal PH. Those who availed the APPH Membership Card will also receive a free E-Certificate on every webinar the atttended.

Who are encouraged to avail the membership?

Everyone is encouraged to avail Accounting Portal PH Membership Card for Accounting Portal PH especially those people who is seeking to have improvement and be more knowledgeable about accounting.

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