Notable CPA’s


mr. peter musngi

Also known as Peter Rabbit
A radio announcer, DJ, and news anchor

He is best known for being the official voice over artist of ABS-CBN

He possess a double CPA title Certified Public Accountant and Certified Public Announcer

mr. jose diokno

He is a CPA-Lawyer, the President and Review Director of the CPA Review School of the Philippines (CPAR)

He is popularly addressed as “Daddy Valix” for CPAR Reviewees

CPAR is one of the leading Review Schools in the Philippines producing a great amount of CPAs and CPALE Topnotchers

Some of his popularly known and used books are the Intermediate Accounting series


Also known as Ka Pepe
A CPA-Lawyer and graduated as Summa Cum Laude with a Degree in Commerce

Topnotcher of the 1937 CPA Licensure Examination

In 1944, after World War II, he was given a special dispensation to take the Bar Exam despite not yet completing the Law Program and eventually, reached the top spot in the Bar Exam during that year

He was appointed as the first Chairman of Presidential Committee on Human Rights and known as the “Father of Human Rights” in the Philippines


He was the first ever Filipino Certified Public Accountant

In 1915, he graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Commerce from Northwestern University in the USA. After a year, he came back to the Philippines to teach Accounting and Auditing subjects in the University of the Philippines.

He established his own Accounting Firm - Vicente Fabella and Company; and in 1919, he founded Far Eastern College Schools of Accounts, Commerce and Finance - now known as Jose Rizal University

His accomplishments and experiences contributed in paving the way to formally establish the Accounting Profession in the Philippines


He Graduated Business Administration and Accountancy in the University of the Philippines

Besides being a CPA, him being a businessman still prevails because of his principle in life of “sipag at tiyaga”.

Some of his companies include Vista Mall, Vista Land, and Golden Bria

He also served as a Congressman, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Senator, and Senate President of the Philippines

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