Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) Program

BIR Weekender Briefs

Run After Tax Evaders (RATE) Program

A total of eight cases were filed against delinquent taxpayers last March 2 at the Department of Justice in Manila. The BNC Company Ltd. (Philippines), Motorwise Parts Center Corp., Protective Systems Technologies, Inc., Vivid Construction, Inc. and Lifter System, Incorporated and its responsible corporate officers were all charged with Willful Failure to Pay Taxes.

The Regional Investigation

The Regional Investigation Division of the RR 8A-Makati City, led by Chief Marco Yara, together with lawyers from the Legal Division, filed 16 (16) RATE cases last March 2 before the Department of Justice. RR 17-Butuan City, headed by Regional Director Jose Eric Furia, filed a criminal complaint against Mr. Benito Montero, President of Coronet Wood Industries.

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